A downloadable game

In Spaceport Exo, you run a small spaceport on a remote planet. Visitors are scarce and you are not very well known. You and your employees barely make a living. That all may change when a unique business opportunity comes on your path. Can you work your way up to become the Galaxy's most renown Spaceport?

Latest implementations:

  • Contract offers
  • Ship pathfinding from/to hangars
  • Building rules


  • Economy
  • Missions
  • Administration view
  • Terminal layout and interior
  • Ship services
  • Buildings and upgrades
  • Politics
  • Events
  • Terrain generation
  • More atmospheres
  • GUI updates
  • Control updates
  • Help system
  • Tutorial

Earlier implementations:

  • Construct buildings
  • Ship landings and take-offs
  • Atmosphere
  • Basic GUI
  • Camera features
  • Basic controls

Check out on weekdly updates and devlogs in the community forum: https://itch.io/t/77684/spaceport-exo