LudumDare 38 entry:

"We Drillbears at Tiny Planet Corp work hard for a living! We dig up that sweet core crystal inside a tiny planet. Use arrows or wasd to extract the crystal core and win all the points!"

Embedded LibGDX games don't receive inupt focus initially. Press the reset button in the top left and then click on the game to make keyboard and mouse input work.

How to play:
1 Drill down with S, steer with A and D
2 Hit the Core Crystal
3 Steer the grappling hook with A and D
4 Hit the Core Crystal
5 Win!
Skip introduction with S
Alternatively, use arrow keys

Credits: Programming, music, sound compilations and modifications, graphics and animations by me. A few sound samples are from, and the explosion animation from Could have easily and better made them myself now I look back at it.

Not working on itch? Try here:
Or download the jar:

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